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You may have heard about Teeth Whitening, In-Office Whitening and At-Home Bleaching.  These can be very effective for most surface staining on teeth.  Occasionally our patients will have a single tooth that is discolored and does not respond well to standard bleaching.


If you notice one dark tooth diminishing the quality of your smile it may be a sign of decay or damage to the inner structures of your tooth. Some dark teeth may have been stained internally by a past infection in the problem tooth.


Internal bleaching is a method of whitening a tooth from the inside out. First, root canal treatment is performed to remove any pulp that is infected. Then, a safe paste is placed inside of your tooth. This material dissolves stains, making your tooth teeth appear whiter. After root canal and bleaching is complete, your tooth is sealed with a tooth colored filling to prevent further damage.  


Will Internal Bleaching Cause My Tooth To Be More Sensitive?

No.  Internal bleaching is only used on teeth that have undergone endodontic treatment.  Since the tooth no longer has a nerve, this allows us to place the bleaching material directly into the center of the tooth with no sensitivity.

Can Any Stained Tooth Be Successfully Whitened With Internal Bleaching?

The first requirement is that the tooth needs have new or previous root canal treatment.  This allows the bleaching material to be placed in the center of the tooth.  If this is not the case, we will suggest seeing your dentist for external bleaching trays.

If the tooth requiring bleaching has fillings, we can still whiten your tooth successfully; however, the fillings will remain the same color.   When your bleaching is complete, and you are happy with the new color of your tooth, your dentist will place new fillings to match the new brighter color of your tooth.

Some more tenacious stains will take several rounds of bleaching agent.  In some difficult teeth this process may take several weeks.  This procedure can work together with bleaching trays from your dentist to achieve the result you are looking for.