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After a week of pain and trying to find a good place to go, this is the place!!! Dr. Ames and his assistant Deanna were awesome! Very patient with me and very informative about the whole process of a root canal, I had a previous evaluation with another endodontist that left me pretty traumatized and was really considering pulling the tooth. After talking with them and letting them perform the service I was absolutely thrilled with them! if I ever need another root canal that will be the only place I go. The whole staff is awesome and worked me in at a record pace. Thank you Forsyth Endodontics , Scot H

Scot H

~~you people are totally awesome...I am in NO pain..have not been in any pain ever from the getgo..I was sooooo scared..then felt like such a wimp when it was over...never have I had an experience like that in all my 75 guys are great and I will recommend you guys to all my friends who need your services.....Love, JS

you people are totally awesome..

I just wanted you guys to know that my experience with Forsyth Endodontics was awesome! I had a root canal yesterday (Monday) and today (Tuesday) I feel great! I had no idea what kind of pain I had been in until I didn't have it at all. Sure, I am sore and doing everything I was advised to do, but as a whole... I feel great! Thanks to Dr. Ames and his staff for being so nice and making what could have been stressful experience an easy one. I will certainly refer others to your office.

My experience with Forsyth Endodontics was awesome!

Dr. Ames and his staff, Barbara and Brandi are AMAZING!!!! I have been treated with so much compassion and care the last two weeks from them. Tooth problems and pain are no fun but the care and knowledge of Dr. Ames and his staff have been beyond outstanding. I had no idea you were on Facebook. Dr. Ames, as I told... you again yesterday, I'm spreading the news of how great you are!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!

Dr. Ames and his staff, Barbara and Brandi are AMAZING!!!!

WOW! What a great experience!I have had two root canals done in the past, but i have never had one that was completely painless and easy to get through. Dr. Ames your are AWESOME!A special thank you to Barbara! You made me feel at home and were very kind and helpful to me. Thank you! Oh, and it helps that you are a Ga. Bulldog as well. Thank you again for making the whole experience a walk in the park.

WOW! What a great experience!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you and your staff for the excellent treatment I received in your office yesterday.I don't want to sound trite, but I want to express my very sincere thanks to all of you.

I expected (naturally) to experience a bit of discomfort during and after the procedure. I was amazed to discover that even after the anesthesia wore off I was in no discomfort from the procedure at all.
This is not my first root canal... I thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong!

Again, please accept my most sincere thanks for treating me so well.

Please accept my most sincere thanks for treating me so well.

Just wanted to say, if I do need a root canal in the future or can refer ANYONE to your practice, I will be glad to do so. The treatment I received in your office and the attention I received through phone calls was second to none.  It was sincerely a pleasure to get to know you. Thank you again for your care this week.

The attention I received through phone calls was second to none.

Three weeks ago, I woke up to find one side of my face was the size of a pumpkin.

I gave it a day or two but when the inside of my mouth started to ache, I called the dentist. I was given antibiotics for my abscessed tooth and from there, was sent to the endodontist, where I heard those two words that can bring a grown man to his knees crying.
Root canal.
Since I had to wait for the antibiotics to work before the procedure could be done, I had plenty of time to obsess — and Google — all about root canals.
A week after the procedure, I can tell you in all honesty the worst part of a root canal is figuring out how to spell endodontics.
If you do happen to need a root canal, forget learning how to spell endodontics. The only word you do need to know how to spell is Ames.
As in Dr. Jason Ames.
That’s who did mine, and I highly recommend him. He was calm, patient and as laid-back as they come. The worst pain I endured was the shots you get to numb your mouth — about the same pain as a mosquito bite.
With the reputation that root canals have, I asked Dr. Ames why in the world he would consider going into such a field. His answer was simple and to the point.
“I am very good at them.”
It was said without arrogance, but with the confidence that a patient needs.
True to his word, he was very good. The hour-long procedure saved my tooth.
Dentistry has come a long way since cowboy movies where whiskey was washed down before the pliers were brought out. It’s not just the anesthesia that has improved or the tools. From all my Web-based research, I learned endodontists have recognized the fear that root canals can bring to their patients and have done a lot to ease the dread.
Dr. Ames, sure has. The office is like a living room out of Southern Living, and the atmosphere is more like a resort hotel than a dentist’s office. I was offered something to drink, a blanket, even sunglasses to block the overhead lights.
The dental assistants were great, making sure I was comfortable every minute. Actually, it was hard to determine who actually they were there to assist, me or the doctor - double checking that everything she did was comfortable to me and even holding my hand when the shots I was dreading were injected.
If you are in need of a root canal, don’t avoid it and just have the offending tooth pulled. Find a good doctor, like I did, and let them help you save that tooth.
If, like me, you feel the need to read all about it before you go, try the American Association of Endodontists’ Web site, which has animated pictures and every detail you might want to know from the people who actually perform the procedure.
Root Canal is not so bad

Dr. Ames and everyone in the office was so nice! The procedure was painless and I would highly recommend Forsyth Endodontics!